• Almost a month in!

    Landry Parker Avenue has been opened for business almost a month! Over the last few weeks, I’ve discovered that the cloth diapering world has changed since I last designed and sold cloth diapers. I still believe that our diaper design is exceptional, and that we offer something that mass produced cloth diaper manufacturers cannot. However, it’s tough to compete against their pricing. In light of this, Peggy and I have decided to take a hit on our profit margin and lower our prices.

    Since we have offered free shipping, we’ve had some trouble with our website and the shipping option on our end. To fix the issue and make the checkout process as seamless as possible, we will no longer offer free shipping, but we have considered this when setting our new,  reduced pricing.

    Price point for all diapers will be as follows:

    Previous pricing

    One Size Fitted and All in One–$38
    Tween Size Fitted and All in One–$35
    Little Bitty Fitted and All in One–$28
    One Size Tucked in All Night–$43
    Tween Size Tucked in All Night–$40

    New Pricing

    One Sized Fitted and All in One–$30
    Tween Size Fitted and All in One–$27
    Little Bitty Fitted and All in One–$22
    One Size Tucked in All Night–$37
    Tween Size Tucked in All Night–$34

    We hope that our new price point will make our products more affordable for those who are interested in adding a unique and trendy cloth diaper to their stash!

  • Our First Orders Shipped!

    Shipped our very first orders yesterday! I remember the days that I stocked on Fridays, added whatever rise snaps a customer requested, and then shipped on Saturdays.
    Let me tell you, Saturdays at my house were a little bit crazy. My kiddos usually didn’t get to go anywhere on until I had every order ready to be dropped off at the post office. I had all stock diapers set out on my cutting table, labels on polymailers and priority envelopes, orders printed out in hand. I would grab whatever lucky kid happened to pass by my sewing room when I was throwing diapers into packages ( I did not throw the diapers, pinkie promise!) and they got to help package up my orders. Sometimes we made it to the post office the moment before they closed, but we always made it! It is wonderful to be packaging up orders again! <3