About Us

Hi there.

I’m Joyce, lover of cloth diapers, and one of the minds, hearts and hands behind Landry Parker Avenue. My passion for cloth diaper using started way back, about eleven years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, Lauren. She was the youngest of six, and the reason that I began researching more economical ways to diaper my little one. I was surprised to discover that not only had I been needlessly throwing away money during the years that I disposable diapered my previous children, but also the impact that those thousands of diapers had on the environment. I realized that if I chose to cloth diaper this time around, I would be saving hard earned money, as well as cutting down on my contribution to our nation’s waste.

I began making my own diapers to cut costs even more, and received a tremendous amount of feedback about the style and designs. From there, I developed my brand, opened up a shop and began offering them online to others. The following several years were spent passionately running my business from home. Bagshot Row Bamboo grew and grew and I acquired the most amazing customer base a work at home mama could ask for. As many small businesses often do, I experienced some hiccups, learned through growing pains, and loved every moment of it. Inevitably, I had to close up shop in 2013 due to life changes and the need to focus on my broken family. Over the last three years, I’ve thought longingly of my days spent designing and creating cloth diapers. I missed relationships that I had formed with customers, and the deep sense of satisfaction that came from knowing that their little ones were wearing one of the best cloth diapers on the market.

So, what’s been going on with me the last few years, and why have I decided to start up under a different name? A new baby and a new season in life, of course! A year ago, I had the opportunity to begin working as a victim’s advocate at my local domestic violence shelter. This has long been another passion of mine, and during the moments that I’ve spent touching these lives and having my own life changed in return, I’ve pondered ways that I could do more to help support victims of domestic violence. My son, Landry Parker was born a few months ago, and I’m sure you can guess that one of the first things I did was create the most epic diaper stashes of all diaper stashes for my little guy. As you might imagine, that only made me miss creating cloth diapers on a regular basis even more.

Since you are stumbling through my ramblings on this brand spanking new website, I’m sure that you know where I’m headed with this. I’ve conjured up that creative spark of mine, and set aside time to once again offer my well loved product to others. The style, quality of materials and attention to detail haven’t changed. I am confident that you will find Landry Parker Avenue stocked with some of the most unique and trendy cloth diapers on the market. You can also count on the top-notch customer service that you came to expect from Bagshot Row Bamboo.

All new beginnings deserve something extra special to set them apart. I am blessed with the opportunity to venture into diaper making again with a wonderful partner, Peggy O’Glee. Having the softest of hearts and a passion for victims of domestic violence, she founded the Samaritan Outreach Family Violence Center in 2007 in order to reach out to victims in our local community. Peggy is the mother of one amazing daughter, raises miniature donkeys, and is as excited as I am to lend her creative gifts to Landry Parker Avenue!

We look forward to meeting your little one’s cloth diapering needs!

Joyce Brown
Designer & Partner

Peggy O’Glee
Business Manager & Partner